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We train at Leventhorpe Leisure Centre (Juniors - Saturday afternoon), Sawbridgeworth and Birchwood High School (Seniors and Juniors - Wednesday evening).




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The terms of membership of SVSC and participation in our activities are set out below:

All members agree: 

·       To follow all instructions given by any Coaches and Officials of the club to ensure safe and efficient training.

·       After the completion of their beginners’ course with SVSC to join and maintain membership of the British Fencing Association (or England Fencing Union, Welsh Fencing, Scottish Fencing Union or Northern Ireland Fencing Union as appropriate).

·       To follow the safety guidelines and fencers code of conduct of the British Fencing Association which may be accessed online at

·       To take responsibility for their own care and safety in training.  Where Fencers are concerned about any safety issue they should bring this to the attention of any SVSC Coach or Official immediately when such concern arises.

·       All fencers shall equip themselves with BFA standard equipment for training.  Fencers are expected to purchase their own full equipment no later than 6 Months of joining the club. 

·       To advise the Coaches and/or Officials of SVSC of any pre-existing medical complaints or injuries that may affect the fencer or others during training. 

·       To treat fellow members of SVSC with respect and courtesy.

·       SVSC retains the absolute discretion to cancel a fencer’s membership at any time upon resolution of the Organising Committee. 

Parents of Junior Fencers agree: 

·       Parents consent to their Children being involved in fencing and all related sporting activities and training involved in SVSC training sessions.  SVSC and its Officers accept responsibility for the care of Junior fencers whilst engaged in fencing and related activities. 

·       SVSC takes child protection seriously.  All of our coaches hold CRB clearance, hold professional coaching qualifications and are trained in first aid.  We adopt and follow the Child Protection Policies of the British Fencing Association which may also be accessed online at if you have any concerns you should raise these with either:

o    Peter Wright - HEAD COACH

o    Nicholas Williams – Assistant Coach

o    Lynn Williams – SVSC Secretary

·       Parents/Guardians remain responsible for the behaviour of their children whilst at SVSC.  Parents are responsible for ensure the prompt arrival and collection of their children for training sessions.  In the event that you are unexpectedly delayed please notify the Head Coach by text or email as soon as possible.

·       If your son or daughter have any injuries or medical conditions that may affect their ability to fence (fencing involves strenuous physical activity) or engage in other sporting activities you must advise the coaching team.

·       Junior Fencers are not supervised whilst outside of the training area and must therefore be sufficiently responsible for their own care and safety.

·       If a Junior Fencer fails to follow the instructions of an SVSC Coach or Official then they may be excluded from a training session or from the Club.